Today is the day to start my Girl Scout Gold Award adventures.  I went over to the WARM (Women Adult Rehab Ministries) center in partnership with the Golden Gate Church in Dallas, Texas.  When I got there, I met the head coordinator of the WARM Program, Mrs. Tabitha.  She talked about the program and how important it was, and even showed me the closets were people donated clothes to the women.  Afterwards, we talked about what I was going to be doing at the center.  I decide I was going to teach bible study for 10 weeks and at the end, I was going to have a big tea party.  The women would learn about 10 important women in the bible.  I also wanted to organize the donation closet so it can be easier for the women to find the clothes that they’re looking for.  We decided that I could start next month doing the donation closets first, then I could begin doing bible study in August.

The donation closet that needed to be organized.